I have arrived back to the UK a couple of month ago to learn, experience, forget, shape myself and at the end become more than I was before.
My plan is to write posts about my daily experiences seasoned with a lot of photos. But photos most likely will not be taken with a proper camera, as my phone is my partner on daily walks, sorry... 
Instead, please focus on the feelings I try to share :)
Above the clouds the sky is always blue
Funny, how much such a cliche can mean at a certain moment. Not just about the flight but figuratively as well.
The sky might seems cloudy but the rays of morning light filtering through has the promise.
When I sit on that plain I was hoping in a change that might come some day. And this shiny deep blue gave me the peace and hope in its fullness.
But as life itself, the air can change from one minute to another. Although it seems dark and cloudy, but it contains opportunities as well. We just have to be 1000% sure something better has to come even if the possibility to be worse is still there.
And than I arrived to Luton... Although it was not so blue and not so shiny but not as dark in the same time.
It's a change. Full of uncertainty and full of opportunities.

Something new has started, for sure...
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